Monday, 13 April 2015

Review of AllergieBlock

I had the chance to try and new product to create a invisible barrier for indoor and outdoor allergies. I have lots of issues with allergy and no one seems to know to what or why. So getting to try this in my case was great.
So let me start by telling you some facts about the product.

AllergieBlock is drug free way to alleviate mild allergy symptoms like sneezing, including pollen, ragwort, dust mites, pet dander and house dust from entering the nasal passage.

AllergieBlock is a unique topical get that is suitable for children, pregnant ladies , non-drowsy and has no known drug interaction if take with medications,

AllergieBlock is preventative solution for allergies. It is not a treatment for allergy symptoms. Since it is a preventative treatment it is recommended to use before allergy symptoms begin.

Its only a small tube so I was thinking to myself it really would not go far. I was wrong as you have to use such tiny amounts. It went on smooth and left no after smell. I was dry quickly and sat under make up with no issues at all. It is in fact great value for money.

So I think its early days for me. Saying that I have had two colds and illness for nearly three months. Soon as I stated using the product my cold all but disappeared . When you have a cold and the show must go home is so hard. So as I said early days and fingers crossed it still does.

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Please not I was not paid for this review , only getting a sample of the product

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