Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Kallo Corn Cakes review

I really enjoy Rice cakes and I had two products to review this week.

Kallo Lightly salted wholegrain corn cake

This is a really yummy light and full of taste corn cake. Lovely for a light lunch with maybe hummus and sun dried tomato. Or cheese and pickle. Also I enjoy just snacking on them as they stop you feeling hungry without loading you up with calories .

Belgian Dark Chocolate with Orange Pieces.

This is a very think and like rice cake which is totally yummy and I have to admit I had the lot lol.
Covered in dark chocolate with a topping of orange pieces it was the perfect thing for me. Great for a sweet snack or to be a bit healthier when you family or friends are tucking into cake!
If you have not tried Kallo yet then do it today as they are really worth trying.
You can find more information at 

please note I was not paid for this review only recieving a sample of the product

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