Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Thomas. J. Fudge's Review

Now I love a tasty biscuit or cracker and have been know to eat a whole packet lol. So when I got to sample a couple of ones I have never tried I was one happy girl!
Thomas. J. Fudge as a company have such an interesting past! They were started in1916 by their great great uncle Thomas . J. Fudge, a dapper chap with a distinctive moustache, he opened a bakery.
A rather remarkable bakery in beautiful, bountiful Dorset. His buns were buttery. His bread was brilliant. His biscuits were the business. And over 90 years later his family are continuing his remarkable work.
 Wow how great to have a company who has such history and its fab that they are still carrying on his work.
I got to try two products:-

Perfect Poppy and sesame Biscuits.

A lovely little heart shape bite of yummy ! Just a hint of sweet but so so yummy with cheese or as I found out just on their own. They did not last long I can tell you. Would be fab for hors d'oeuvre's with cheese or anything savoury and a nice glass of wine.

Multi Seed and Oat Crackers

A yummy thin cracker which would be fab to make a quick bite or for a tapas type supper. Would be lovely with cheese or meats or smoked fish. Or as above totally on their own lol
Both are suitable for vegetarians which is great.

You can find lots of information over at the web site but I hope you will try them as they really are yummy

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

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