Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Make it My Way :Cook up with Giovanni Rana

I really love pasta of any type and really Italian food in general. My husband loves to cook and come up with new ideas for meals, so the chance to combine the two was a gift.
The master of pasta Giovanni Rana has launched an exiting new cooking experience and has reveals six fresh stir-through pasta sauces and we got to try the range and come up with our ideas over a week.
The sauces are also  made to complement Giovanni Rana's fresh filled pasta ranges, the simply Italian sauces and Indulgence sauces are crafted from authentic recipes that capture the taste of Italy's sun soaked landscape. From leafy basil gathered for pesto to vibrant Mediterranean tomatoes for passata.
The simply Italian Sauce range includes: Tomato and Basil, Sun Ripened Tomatoes and mascarpone, pesto: Butter and sage.
The Indulgence range includes : Porchini Mushroom and cream and creamy carbonara.
So we started our week on holiday with our son Matthew, his wife Karen our grandson Nathan and Karen's parents George and Lynne, so it was like a proper Italian family.


BBQ time 
We had Chicken made Texan style sticky BBQ sauce using fresh ingredients and the Giovanni Rana sun dried tomato and mascarpone sauce.
Kevin my husband used the sauce and added in onion, vinegar, paprika, Cinnamon, Ginger, salt and pepper then reduced it by cooking to make a lovely sticky sauce. He used this to cook the chicken in and boy was it tasty . George made a great job with all the sausages and we all joined in to have a great meal .  I have to say we never would have used pasta sauce for this type of thing but it was amazing.


Creamy Carbonara

One of my favourites and one we were all looking forward to .  We used the Porchini Mushroom and creamy carbonara .
We used the sauce but added fresh mushrooms, onions, smoked bacon pieces to make a lovely carbonara and we served this with ciabbata bread and salad and we all tucked in and it was yummy. It was so easy to use the sauce and it was so creamy and tasty.  We all agreed it would also be nice done like a white sauce for maybe chicken or in a pie as well and in fact we want to try that next.

Fresh Ravioli and Mushroom sauce

We had a lazy night as we went out for the day. It was great as we wanted something simple to make and that tasted yummy. We had fresh ravioli also from the Giovanni Rana range and used the wild mushroom sauce topped with fresh basil. We added a simple fresh salad and a few glasses of good wine and we were all happy bunnies lol. So happy and relaxed I forgot to take a picture lol silly me. The sauce was so nice and rich and we all felt well fed after I can tell you.


Filo Pastry filled with filled with leek and onion.

Large tart tin lined with layers of buttered filo  pastry. Topped with leeks and onion cooked in the Giovanni Rana butter and sage sauce and wrapped and cooked in the oven till golden. Served with potato gratin with goats cheese and peas.
The sauce is so nice and creamy it went so well with the leeks and I was so full I could not have had a bit more lol.


Simple quick pasta Dinner

Today was another busy one and with these sauces it is so easy to run in and have something within seconds almost.  We picked the fresh pasta with spinach and ricotta. The pasta cooks in minuets and so does the sauce just combine the two and add in some nice fresh basil and salad and a glass of wine and away you do. It was so nice and the sauce was tomato and basil so it went really well together.


Ciabbatta fried in olive oil , using the sun dried tomato sauce with fresh sweet cherry tomatoes, white wine, garlic, onion and basil.
Spread on the bread then layered with avocado and mozzarella topped with wild rocket drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.  As you can see it was a rather yummy lunch and we all enjoyed it a lot.

It really has made us see that pasta sauces are not always for pasta and I know we shall be trying to see if we can come up with other ideas to use the yummy Giovanni Rana sauces in the future.
You can buy his range at all the supermarkets and can visit the web site for lots more information.

Please note I was not paid for this post but did receive samples of the products to use

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