Monday, 4 May 2015

Monday Memories

Well its Monday again and I am amazed at how fast time slips past, or maybe I am just getting older and losing on time lol. As normal on a Monday I enjoy counting my blessing for events or people in my life . A while back now I was watch TV and it so happens This Morning was on. It was with Philip and Fern and just before she left. They then said have you a fashion issue , and would you like our stylist to help. So I was straight on the computer and fired off an e mail.
The next day I was amazed when I got a telephone call asking me to come to London for a makeover!!
They arrange the travel and a very smart car picked us up from the station and drove us to the studio. From then on it was a bit mad with a everyone rushing around . I was a bit mad as I had told them I was plus size and fed up wearing black sacks. I had hoping for something new and exciting to wear. Sadly the stylist had been called away so they send a young lady of around 19 out to shop. As is normal with some they think because you are big you can only wear shapeless tents and she came back with some really yuck stuff lol.
After much trying on I ended up in one of Ferns dresses she used to wear and a very expensive top. They put me in these high heels I really could not walk in at all lol, I don't do heels anymore.  I loved the make up and hair but I have to be honest not so keen on the clothes.
Then the time to go into the studio came and boy was I nervous!!  Philip and Fern were lovely and made me feel so relaxed, time just flew. They had little time as I left as it was a break but took pictures and had a wee chat. I got to keep all the clothes they gave me which would of been great if I could have worn the heels lol. It was a lovely thing to do and its become a family thing as last year my daughter got to go on for one herself lol. Not sure I would do it again but I am glad I meet Philip and Fern.


  1. oh my goodness Jill i would have loved that whole experience .. i seriously need a make over!
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    1. Lol one day jaime i will tell you the funny story and support knickers lol lol

  2. Wow this sounds so exciting, what a treat, I would be super nervous but so excited. You look stunning and I love the colours in that top. #MagicMoments


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