Monday, 4 May 2015

The Island and Bear Grylls

I am sure even if you do not live in the UK you will have heard of the presenter, Bear Grylls. In past shows we have watched as he has thrown himself off mountains and into rivers without a second look. I have also enjoyed watching him as his shows are normally fast moving and exciting. However, the latest in a long line is "The Island". Two island's and two teams, one women and one men. Left alone (so we are told) without any supplies or help for a think around a month to six weeks. One by one they are hit with hunger, thirst, heat, exhaustion and a number of other things. Tempers are high and arguments soon break out.
And then the hunt for food starts. Now I know you need to eat and in the wild its eat to survive but I really do not want to be faced with watching it while I am sat looking at the T.V.

The first "food" incident was the killing of a croc by the men. They hunted this huge croc and killed it and were so happy with them self. Later we found out the croc they killed was a special protected kind which it is not legal to kill!!!
For me the worst was the women's Island. They had been adopted by two of the cutest little baby pigs you could ever see. They gave them names and these little babies followed them everywhere. Then to my horror it was decided they needed to be killed. I could not watch and wondered if it was going to be that way in the future. I thought I would give it one more go and once again to my horror the women killed another pig, but a much larger one. I was unable to switch off as I had my young granddaughter and she was feeding, so i had to look away but listen as they killed it.  Call me soft but by the end I was sobbing and so upset.

As I said I understand if you were in a situation where you need to live you would have to do this, but for a TV show!!  I made me think about if I should consider being vegetarian as I was so upset.
I am an animal lover and I will not be watching the show again as all the killing makes me very sad.
I just feel it all unnecessary just for the sake of a show. Sorry for the rant and very unlike me but hey that is how I feel.

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