Friday, 26 June 2015

Tetley Tea Review

Ok so I am teapot and proud to admit it ! I am a typical Brit and I love my cuppa in fact my day can't start until I have had at least 2. I hate strong tea but I still like it to taste of tea if you know what I mean.
I was asked to try out some new types of tea and a old favourite. So one of my best tea's is Tetley right from the days when the Tetley Tea folk appeared when I was little I have been a fan. Its a nice tea with a good flavour, it has not got that bite that some teas have and its smooth and tasty. Its easy to get a weak tea or strong depending on how long the bag is in.  Its not like cheap nasty tea where you have to stick about 20 bags in the teapot to get any tea flavour, so I really think you get more for your money

The next one I got to enjoy was Tetley blend collection mix of Original Tetley with Green Tea.
I was surprised at this one as it was not something I had seen before. Now I have heard about all the great things about green tea and how good for you it is meant to be. To be honest I have tried it neat so to speak and was not keen. Plus I missed my milk! So this blend is wonderful not only do you get all those health benefits you get to enjoy a proper cuppa. It tasted great and had no odd taste just a full flavourful cup of good tea. As you can see I enjoyed it in my favourite Christmas mug...... whoops I said Christmas sorry lol. You need to try this one out as it is a great cup of tea a really excellent idea.

Tetley have done lots of research and have found that 44% of Brits say they do not have time for a tea break!!!!! I am sorry but are you mad people! We all need a few mins to sit and relax and everyone can fit in time to enjoy a lovely cup of tea. You could even add a wee cake from Mr Kipling Angel slices ( pure heaven )  to soak up that lovely tea lol

So go and try out Tetley today and hope over to their web site.

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Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product . All opinion's are my own.


  1. I love the idea of the black/green tea mix I am going to try and buy some today

  2. i love it because is is tasty . I hate green tea on its own so this is a nice blend


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