Friday, 24 July 2015

A Good Craft Week thanks to Coats and The cake and bake show

I love my crafts and I have done a few over the years. I was brought up on sewing as my mum was a very talented dress maker and during the 50's used to make for many famous people. I guess I did inherit some of her talent although never in her league . When I got older I fell into doing patchwork at first as a way of using up fabric but later more as a passion. I have to be honest I love fabric lol. I love the feel of it and the way you can transform it into something beautiful. So this year when I attended Britmums live in London, I was so excited to see the Coats who are so part of the craft world in a huge way and for many many years , would be there. I have to be honest I made a beeline for the craft section and we delighted to see all the ideas that were around for you to try. My daughter is a keen crafter too and she was more excited by all the wool and knitting patterns. We got chatting to a very nice lady and at the end of the weekend we exchanged cards.
So you can imagine how delighted I was when they contact me and ask me to one of their craft ambassadors . It means I get to check out lots of projects and pass that onto you. I also have other plans which I think will be fun as well.
So I am waiting to start a project and I hope to share all the items I use and how I go about it for you. So watch this space. Thank to Coats for their faith in me. You should check out their fab website as it has a ton of great ideas.

My second passion and if you know me well its fairly funny trust me ! Is cake decorating. I have never really enjoying cooking and I am happy to leave that too my husband. Then a few years ago he got me a cupcake decorating class for my birthday. As there was no cooking involved I loved every second as it was a way to use up creative energy, And so it started i quickly wanted to know more and more  , and i have tried to learn from the best. 
This year there is a cake show all over the country called The Cake and Bake Show. As the London date was not too far I was looking to go. Then I was asked to help bring the event to peoples attention, which as it looked so good I was happy to do. So over the last few months I have tried to bring it to every ones attention in hopes they will go, So you can imagine I was delighted today to hear from them, that I have been picked with some others to be official Cake and Bake blogger. I am hoping I get to try our some things and then let you know how it all went. I am going to London in October so I hope some of you wil make it also.
So thank you Cake and Bake Show for asking me I am delighted.

Get along to their web site for lots more information and ticket sales.

So I am really excited to be working with both lovely brands 


  1. ooo lucky you I bet you are dead excited to be making some fab things

    1. Thanks you and yes I am very excited as I do love my craft. come back soon to see the results


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