Monday, 20 July 2015

What's the story

I am taking the time to join in with a lovely link up with PodcastDove whats the story. It made me go and look at some old pictures and I did smile at some of them. I know they will kill me but I really loved this picture of my kids back in the 90's. All the neon stuff and stone washed jeans was all the rage lol. When they see this they always say " mum what on earth are we wearing lol" ! I do try to explain that it was high fashion then .

They were so cute in those clothes and I know My son loved his jeans which were ghost busters I think. It only seems a second ago that they were that young. Now Natalie will be 29 in the morning and Matthew will be 34 this year. Both are parents themselves Matthew to Nathan who is one and Natalie to Grace who is 6 months.

I am so very proud of them as they grew up into fine adults and I love them with all my heart.

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