Monday, 20 July 2015

My magic wonderful children

This Monday I thought Would join in the magic moments link up. When you get to my age of 57 there are a lot of magic moments and also moments that are not so magic lol. I feel the older you get the more time you spend looking back on your life. I also find life seems to slip past so fast now.
I think I have had a good life so far and had much to be very grateful for. I married very young and thankfully we are still together nearly 36 years later. The one thing I was wanting was to be a mum.
We started trying for a baby the second we got married, sadly nothing happened and my dream seemed like it was not to be. We got advice and were told that it would happen in time.

After two years of trying that wonderful magic moment happened and and I found out I was pregnant at last. On the 28th November 1981 my darling son Matthew arrived. I can't say enough how much he was wanted and loved , I was a mum at last. At first I thought Matthew may have been my only child. I was so delighted with him and wanted nothing more than to enjoy him. Fate had another plan for me lol. Five years later on the 21st July 1986 our darling daughter Natalie arrived.

My life was complete I had two beautiful children and my world was a joy with them in it.
They are grown-up now and Matthew and his wife Karen are gave us our  my first grandson in June 2014  .Natalie is at University studying to be a nurse. Natalie and her partner Ian  also gave us our Granddaughter Grace In January this year.
I am so proud of them both and all they have achieved in their lives.
I hope they think I have been a good mum and you always worry you could have done more.
Thanks for have the Magic Moments Link up as I really enjoyed counting my blessings.


  1. You are such a lovely young Grandma and your children look wonderful, happy memories to be sharing #MagicMoments

  2. Lovely post Jill, I often look at my kids and can't quite believe how lucky I am, even though they can drive me nuts :) I think we all worry that we could do more, but as long as we do our best x

    1. Thanks sara thats so true i guess we will always worry lpl


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