Friday, 7 August 2015

The Quilt Begin's

I am super excited these days to be asked by Coats Cotton to be a Craft Ambassador. I love my craft of all kinds so its a fab chance to share. They asked what I wanted to make and I found a great quilt on Make it Coats, called Red Bricks. It looked a lot of fun but one I think we could all sew if even if you are just starting out. I thought it would be good to share the quilt journey with me. So as its Friday I pick this day to share how things are progressing. It would be super sweet if any of you would go to Make It Coats and get the pattern (its free) and work along with me.

So I wanted to make my quilt in another colour to fit in more with my room. I choose a wonderful set of 100 % cotton called Distrikt by Erin McMorris. It is a really good quality fabric and will be perfect for a quilt. I had a range of creams, black, orange and browns. This is my fabric pick

Its all such nice colours and fabric I am dying to get going. I hope to get everything cut out ASAP and get sewing.
If you do not fancy this quilt Make It Coats has a huge amount on the web site for all crafts and I am sure you will be able to find a project. I so hope they you will make the Red bricks quilt along with me as I would love to see how yours turns out.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

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