Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Favourite things

I was thinking today if my favourite things can be boxed into one area. Are my favourite things human, animal or other lol. I came up with the conclusion that in my case they are all things.
It goes without saying my most favourite things are my family. I have a wonderful husband of 36 yrs, two beautiful children and two even more beautiful grandchildren so I am very lucky. I had great parents so have always tried to be great for my kids as well. Like most parents there were (and still are lol) times I could run away but in general they have grown up pretty darn good !

They in turn have given me the most beautiful grandchildren. Nathan who is just over one and Grace who is 7 months. Nathan was born in June 2014 our first grandchild and how special is that. He came a little early so caught us of guard  and was a little ill at the start but doing really well now. Over the year he has grown into a cute little boy who is a credit to his parents my son Matthew and his wife Karen.

Our Granddaughter Grace arrived 5 weeks early so no one was prepared for that lol. She was so teeny tiny under five pounds but so perfect. She also had a wee rough start but is growing so well now. She is 7 months and time is flying. She is such a sweet little girl and also a credit to her parents , my daughter Natalie and her partner Ian.

My other love is my cats. I only have one now called Daisy, my other cat passed away and it broke my heart. Its amazing how much pets can impact on your life. I treat them like family so I thought they needed a mention.

And last but not least I need to say my favourite things to do, that is sewing and cake decorating. I love to see how happy people are if I make a cake, its fun to see them smile.

and sewing is the last thing. I was brought up on sewing by my mum, in fact I was born next to her sewing machine lol. I recently was delighted to be asked by Coats Cottons to be an ambassador and look forward to sharing my makes with you. I am already planning so come back in the very near future.
So just a quick run through a few things. I hope they made you smile as well.

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  1. Ahh what a lovely post Jill xxx

  2. Wow, those cakes are amazing. I think it's great that you are close to your family. I'm close to my family too. Your grandchildren are adorable. I like cats but my husband doesn't. Sometimes my 21 yoa daughter will bring her cats over to visit. I call them my Grandkitties.

    1. Thanks terra i do love my family and glad you like the cakes. Happy grandkittie time lol x

  3. Precious grand babies and amazing cakes! Thanks for sharing your post with Thursday Favorite Things! Have a great weekend!


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