Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bright Heart Voile Quilt and Make It Coats

As you will know if you read the blog often ( and thank you if you do) you will know I am very very lucky to be an Ambassador for Coats. I have just completed my second project for them in super quick time lol. I found this fab quilt on the Make It Coats web site called Bright Heart Voile using fabric designed by Amy Butler for FreeSpirit. I really called to me because of the super bright colour and shapes. I was looking for a quilt to make for my father in law who is going to host a coffee morning, for the cancer charity Macmillan . As their theme colour is green I thought this would fit the bill. It took a little while to arrive and get going due to a nasty virus and having no energy but in the end I got there

This fabric is so bright and colourful and so so soft. It was a little harder to handle but worth it because it was so pretty and cosy. As normal I like to sit down and plan what I want to do and then to lay out the fabric for cutting. Like any quilt its best to take your time and make sure you cut it all neat to start. I like to use a rotary cutter and a self healing mat as it was one of the first items of quilting I every got. Its also very handy with this pattern if you have a large cutting/measuring square to use. It makes the job much much easier.

I also found a piece of tailors chalk or wax great for marking as you have to mark from corner to corner on each square. I did try pen but it did not show up but the tailors wax was great. You can buy this at any store that stocks cottons or sewing items.

I make sure I had neat edges as it makes it much better when you cut out your blocks.

Its a very simple pattern just cut two square in two fabrics. Place right side together and sew 1/4 inch from the white line on both sides of the line. Then you cut down the centre and you have two new squares like magic lol. The pattern will explain in detail . It was a nice easy quilt and would be ideal for a beginner.
I was delighted with the finished quilt and I really hope it goes to raise lots of money for the charity as it is one close to my heart. My own mother died of Cancer and the Macmillan nurses helped so much to make those last few months a bit better for her.

When the coffee morning has happened and I find out the winner I will do another post to share with you.
My daughter is still working on the fab jumper which is the other jollyjillys project, as this is all knitted its taking a bit longer.

Please go over to the 
web site for for details of fabrics used and pattern which is free.
Here is a link to the pattern


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