Saturday, 31 October 2015

Family Tree

I love to add to my family tree history , and nothing makes me smile more than when I find a new person to add. Don't get me wrong it can be so frustrating as well as you can spend hours looking into one person, and then they are all wrong.
Both my parents have passed away which is sad and also means I have little to no older relatives left. My mum was a great story telling and had so many adventures. I used to love all her stories of her life when I was little. I keep meaning to write them down as I worry when I am gone , no one will think of them.
My mum was a tough Eastend lady. She had been brought up very well by my grandparents and she was also a very clever lady.  When I was little we moved from London to Dagenham and that is where I stayed until I married at 20. A brief move to Devon and then back to Dagenham until I moved out to the countryside 17 yrs ago. When I was small we used to meet up with family often and spent a lot of time with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins who I loved.
I have a wonderful childhood as my parents were great and I still think of those happy days all the time.
It is wonderful if you have strong ties to family as I do feel it helps you when you get older. I hope my children feel like they had a good childhood , as I know I did try my hardest.  I thought I would share a few pictures of times past as I think its fun to look at old pictures. I would love to hear your family stories and if you had a good childhood or not.

Myself and My Dad 

My parents
Me at around age 3 lol

My mum

My mum, dad, uncle Tom and Auntie Mary


My brother and sister in law Pat

My niece Emma

Myself and My Son Matthew

Aunts, Grandmother and mum

My mum and my brother

My uncle Tom and My mum Grace

My Uncle , Aunt and Grandfather

Mum and Dads wedding day

Family including my parents and brother

Family Love the swimming trunks dad lol

Family with my brother striking a pose 


  1. Love the photos! The frilly dress in that picture of you as a toddler is amazing! My dad has been working on our family tree on and off for years and I keep saying I will tidy it all up... One day. :) #shareasmile

    1. Thanks jessica that dress was made by my mum out of paper lol

  2. Photos are great, they remind you of memories that will be cherished forever :)

  3. I live old photographs! I joined genes reunited ages ago but never researched anything. A few years ago a lady got in touch with me though. She was adopted as a young girl and was trying to find her family. It turned out she was a distant relative of my mum and my mum out her in touch with her brothers wife. Her brother had unfortunately passed away. It was nice for her to meet his wife though and find out more about where she came from. Thanks for linking up! #shareasmile

  4. I love old family photos - it seems I am starting to look like my Nan! Must be lovely to look into your family's history #magicmoments

    1. They say we all turn into our mums/nans louise lol. Yes its very special xx

  5. aww Jill this is lovely, i so would love to look into my family history some more .. i have rather a large family i think thats why i tend to get daunted by the prospect! ... i love looking at your photos :-)
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    1. I agree it is fun and frustrsting at times lol. My pleasure jamie xxx


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