Monday, 2 November 2015

Patons Wool DK Crochet Along and Make It Coats

I love to craft and if you read the blog often you will know I have a passion for patchwork and decorating cakes. My mum was the knitter in the family and my daughter is ace at crochet, neither of which has really grabbed me.
I can follow a knitting pattern but crochet is a whole other thing lol. So when my friends at Coats said about the Patons Wool Crochet Along I thought why not! I was hoping to improve my skill and have fun at the same time.
I was a little late to the party so I am playing catch up at present. On the Make it Coats web site you can find all the patterns for weeks 1-4 and also video's to watch . I was excited when my box of lovely Patons wool arrived, such lovely colours.

I went to the web site and printed the pattern and then wanted to start straight away. Yes well not as fast as that so it seems lol. When I read the pattern I did not understand much at all , so off I went to watch the video on the web site. Oh no I could not keep up as the lady who was so good was way to fast for me. I was thinking I have all this lovely wool and nothing to make! So I sat down with the pattern and broke it up into smaller bits. If I did not understand I watched the Make it coats video, and if I still did not understand I went to you tube and found a beginner video. My first two attempts ended up in the bin , but slowly I started to understand. In truth once you know what you are doing its a simple pattern and you must keep trying if like me you are a novice.
It took three days to make a triangle lol a fact my daughter thought was very funny, but boy was I proud. The next 2 I did in a day so I am getting faster all the time. 

 I really enjoyed making them and I am going to keep going. I think by the time the crochet along ends I will be much better and able to follow a pattern for the first time.
I hope you will join me as it really is fun and I would love to see how yours turns out as well.

You can find all the information and patterns and videos on the Make it coats site. And find out about the love lovely Patons Wool.

Please note I was not paid for this item only receiving a sample of the wool


  1. It looks like you are doing brilliantly! I struggled at first too as I'm also a crochet beginner, I spent two mornings sat with my Mum while we tried to work it out! But like you say it gets easier as you get familiar with it and I'm really pleased with how well I'm getting on now. Looking forward to following your progress!

    1. Thanks jennifer i could ask my daughter as shes fab, but i wanted to try and work it out myself lol. We can do it for sure x


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