Monday, 5 October 2015

My Five Seconds of Fame

I was thinking about what to write about today and I got held up due to a little un planned baby sitting, My daughter has a big exam on the 30th and its not easy to study with a 7 month old , so she came to see nanny for a couple of hours. You totally forget how much work they are at that age and the fact that you cant do anything at all. So doing a blog post got left till tonight.
I have been lucky in the past to meet a few famous people. My children used to act and went part time to a very famous London stage school. It was alway exciting and some more than others if you know what I mean!
Then I was watching This Morning ( our famous daytime entertainment show) and they asked for people for a make over. As a larger lady I am not used to thinking about how great or not I look, you tend to just wear what covers you up best! I used to be lovely and slim but years of poor health have put paid to that sadly. I have no thought at all that they would pick me, so the telephone call telling me they had was a shock.
Once I reached the studio the fear took hold and I was so nervous. I was with two other ladies who unlike me were slim so that did not help at all. The worst thing was they had sent out a young lady to buy clothes and she had done the normal stick the large lady in the tent trip. All the things were huge and baggy and with me only being 5ft 1 I looked like a person in a circus tent. The most funny/embarrassing part was them trying to squeeze me in a pair of control pants !!! OMG I pulled those things so hard my arms killed for days and I could not get my tea up to my mouth. My daughter was no help and was laughing so much she had to lie down on the floor!!
They then gave me a pair of 5 inch heels which I could not walk in and raced me into the studio. At the last second they took my glasses away so I could not see anything. Lucky for me I got on the right spot and the next few seconds with the hosts fern and phil went past in a flash.

I loved my hair and make up but not the clothes so much . However, we did laugh until we cried and all in all it was a fab day. Lets put it this way I am not volunteering for anymore make overs lol.


  1. what a wonderful opportunity. Shame it did not go as well planned as you had hoped. I always imagined there was some consultation between you and the people providing the clothes etc so they had an idea of what your ty=hing was and then slightly took you put of your comfort zone. Us larger maturer ladies do not always like big and baggy. #magicmoments

    1. It was elaine and it could have been a ton better. It was still great meeting fern and phil


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