Sunday, 6 December 2015

Thank You Dear Blogging Friends

I was just sitting at my computer thinking about this post and what to write! As it is coming to the end of the year I was thinking about the past months and everything I have wrote about ! I seem to talk about my darling family the most but for me the Internet and blogging friends have also played a huge part.
When my talented niece over at The Syders told me to start a blog I had no idea what one was was lol. With her help and my son I got started and have gone on to get stronger and learn so much. I have "met" so many nice people from all over the world . I will never met them for real but that does not stop them being great friends.

If you suffer from any long time health issues you often feel cut of from life and the world. For me blogging has improved that world and I think made me a better person.
This year ( even if it nearly killed me) I went to Britmums Live for the first time and it was so lovely to meet some of my blogging pals. Jamie at The Olivers Madhouse, sara from MumturnedMom to name just a couple.I was amazed at the bloggers and what they had done and I knew I would never get to that level, but that is ok I am doing it for me and I am happy.
I have so many bloggers that I have not met but too many to mention, but Charlotte over at The crumby mummy is so sweet, and oh my what cute children she has as well lol.

I have had the fortune to meet some wonderful brands who it has been a pleasure to work with. And also some lovely PR companies as well. I am always delighted to try any product even if its just a stock cube .
I was so pleaded to be a brand ambassador for a wonderful company Coats. Having been around craft and sewing  all my life it was a total joy to work with them. I hope they want me to for many years to come. My mum loved coats cottons and I still have really old reels of thread she used to use, so she would have loved my connection with them.

So If you are one of my internet frends who  I have not mentioned thank you for all your support over the year.
And all the brands I worked with thank you for trusting me with your products its been fun!


  1. Thank you for mentioning me. I am very pleased to have 'met' you too! Glad blogging has helped you! It is great therapy. Hopefully we will meet in real life one day. I am sure I will be brave enough to go to Britmums Live one year. xxx

    1. My pleasure charlotte i hope we met ip one day as well xxx

  2. What a wonderful post. Well done on your ambassorship.
    Blogging certainly is wonderful for meeting new and likeminded friends

    1. Thank you clare i am proud of my blog! I agree its a great blogging world x

  3. What a lovely post. I know some people don't get blogging but I have made some great freinds through it and I love it x

    1. Thanks louise i must say i used to ne ome of those people lol ! Look at me now lol x


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