Monday, 25 January 2016

Grace is one

I am a little late today as its been super busy what with one thing and another. I just had to share some pictures with you as I think they are so special. This weekend was our granddaughter Grace's first birthday. It is amazing how fast that year went and scary as well lol. She was born last January five weeks early and gave us all a big scare. Mummy and daddy were a bit shocked but delighted with their teeny tiny little girl. She was expected to have issues as she was so early but she was tough and didn't need any help at all. She weighed just 4 pounds 14 ozs and we had to buy dolly clothes for her lol.

Mummy and Grace

About a month later she was doing well but all of a sudden got really sick. My daughter and her partner rushed her to hospital , where the poor little thing was put through all kinds of tests. They decided she had a problem with milk so a soya based one was given and from then on she seem to get on well.
Over the year we have watched her grow into a funny, sweet ball of energy (just like her mummy lol) and such a pretty wee thing.
This weekend her parents had a small tea party for friends and I think she loved all the attention and kisses and play time with her cousin Nathan . So I will share some pictures of the day and I hope they make you smile.

Three fantastic pictures by Amanda Collins 

My cake

The birthday girl


  1. Oh my, how beautiful are those photos!! Happy birthday! I love cake smash photos, we sadly didn't do one which I really regret but such a lovely memory! Suz x

    1. They are great pictures! She hated the cake on her hands lol but you would never know suz lol

  2. What delightful pictures of a beautiful girl. Happy First birthday Grace

  3. awww Jill i still can't believe she is one already ... its come round so quickly i think too! ... She is so beautiful
    Thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments


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