Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Slimming world or bust!

Slimming world or bust and I mean that in every sense of the word lol. I have had issues with my weight all my life and its been a constant battle. Ive been very thin and I am now very big so I have travelled a very long road over the years.
I was nice and slim and fit then I damaged my back and slowly slowly the weight sneaked up on me. Lack of mobility these days adds to the issue and not being able to go to all those classes hurts my mind and body.

So last week I went back to my slimming club Slimming World, and I have really tried hard this week. I thought I had lost but did not want to tempt fate by weighing at home. So when I went to class today I was delighted that I lost 3 pounds, which for me is huge.
I really enjoy a class as I like the treat of being weighed and it could stop me from having something I should not!
I guess I am not alone in the diet or fitness race which happens all over the world after Christmas but one race I want to win this year or next.
If like me you are working hard i would love to hear all about your journey

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