Thursday, 25 February 2016

Short But Sweet

Its My ambition to 
say in ten sentences `
what other men say in whole books -
what other men do not say in whole books.

by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzshe

I came across this quote today and it really struck a code.  As a blogger you are always on the search for good content for your blog. You long to find that subject you can write and write about or that golden idea for a great post. I can't count the number of times I have sat at my computer or old school with my note pad trying to find ideas. At times you get so involved you forget why you started to blog in the first place. I love this idea of saying what you need in short bursts as I feel you really have to think to say what you need. I have to say not sure I can do this or will do it often but just for now , for today, here goes!

My life as been up and down. For the most part up but recently life is biting me in the butt.
Chronic pain is not a choice. It picks you and hangs on for grim death. I will survive as the song says and fight on . I always have a smile and most don't know how hard it is some days. Others have it worse I am lucky.  I have family who love me and I them.  I have the world at my finger tips.
Stay Strong.

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