Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Summer Tips

If you know me well you will also know my least favourite time of year is summer. I hate being hot and worn out from the heat as soon as you move. I much prefer to nest away at home warm and safe, I know that most people love summer and I came across so tips to use when we are all moaning about how hot it is.

1. Going on a car journey? help with travel sickness by eating some ginger biscuits before you leave for your trip. Ginger is great for helping to settle your stomach.

2.Keep Hydrated! Try and drink at least a half to full glass of water every hour when its hot. We lose so much water it will help you stay well and not get heatstroke.

2. The thing I hate most in the summer is flies! Try hanging a bunch of mint in your kitchen as it works great keeping away insects and flies. Smells good too!

3.Take pictures early in the day or late afternoon you stand a better chance of the light not spoiling your picture.

4. Roll your clothes when packing it takes less room and they will come out less creased.

5 . If you are going with friends have a chat about who is taking what. There is no point you all taking hairdryer for example when you could share.

6. If you have an issue with ants coming into the house, try putting down black pepper straight away they hate it and will soon be off.

7. If you are going on a picnic with your children or grandchildren take something along they had a hand in making and everyone can share. Like biscuits . They will love making them and feel great that added to the families food .

Just some tips which I found that I thought were really useful. I am sure before long we will all be complaining its too hot lol


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