Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine 37!

So this weekend was Valentine's Day. Where as some say it just a huge commercial rip off, I am an old romantic lol. I think we all live busy lives and often we forgot to tell people we are close too how much we love them. I have had lots of valentine's day's with my husband as we have been married for 37 years! Gone are those days of mad happy silly love were we would make wild declarations of love  and after that long who would have the energy lol.
I got to met my husband as he was in The Royal Navy and wanted penpals. We started writing and after about 9 months he came home and we met. That was December 1978 and by Jan 1979 we were engaged and by July 1979 we were married!

Don't get me wrong there have been ( and still will be !!) times when I could have killed him lol but we are still together.
This year we exchanged cards and he gave me a lovely cushion and chocolates, and a lovely meal,  so I was lucky.
It may not be the silly sweet young love, but I still love him even if he is an old man now lol.
Happy Valentines Kevin and to everyone else hope it was a special day .

Our Wedding 7/7/79

It read Ich Liebe Dich which is I love you.


  1. 37 years, wow that's an achievement these days, and also such a celebration of love through seasons of life. Congrats #magicmoments

  2. Aw, such a cute story. So pleased you both had a lovely day celebrating Valentines x

  3. Awww. We usually cook a meal and have a glass or two of wine but my parents were round so not a romantic day for us! xx


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