Friday, 11 March 2016

Monty Bojangles Easter Egg Review

This time of you young and old get excited about Easter Eggs! You can buy a bar of chocolate any day but nothing beats an Easter Egg.
I was sent some really yummy ones to try and also to try and set up an Easter Egg hunt with my grandchildren. I think they are a bit young this year to really enjoy the chocolate but I am sure the big kids will love them.
So let me tell you about the lovely Monty Bojangles Eggs:

Berry Bubbly Truffle

A totally yummy melt in the mouth milk chocolate truffle Easter egg sitting on individual truffles. Milk with Belgian milk . In a fab colourful box they cries out 'Eat Me'!

Choccy Scoffy Truffle

Another yummy milk chocolate egg, nice and hollow for that all important smash ! Nesting on top of individual truffles. Made with Belgian chocolate and cocoa dusted truffles. If you like your egg simple but full of chocolate yummy this is the egg for you.

Flutter Scotch Truffle

Yummy milk chocolate , hollow for smashing wonderful egg! Milk chocolate egg with a selection of flutter scotch cocoa dusted truffles . I have to say one of my faves as it has a lovely taste and the truffles were so worth breaking my diet!

Scrumple Nutty Truffle

A hollow milk chocolate egg which once again sits on a nest of scrumple nutty cocoa dusted truffles. Melt in the mouth !

I am sure the big kids will love their eggs and we went about having a great time on our hunt for other things for the little ones. First stop the store! Nathan was driving so I could relax.

We could not find the eggs here because The Easter Bunny had already bought them for us so we moved on. Where were they hiding lol

No still no Eggs!

Not here either!!

Then when we got home from all our egg hunting there they were! Sitting waiting to enjoy and we did. We all got to share the 

Taste Adventures Egg

Which includes 8 individually wrapped choccy scoffy, orange angelical, scrumple nutty, berry bubbly, cookie moon and flutter scotch truffles. So no fighting over who had what !

Pop over the the Monty Bojangles web site its brilliant with bright colours and lots of really cool information. Best still go and buy and eggs today they are yummy!! 

Please note I was not paid for this review only being provided with  a sample of the product 

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