Monday, 7 March 2016

Mothers Day

This past weekend was mothers day here in the UK. I guess you should be nice to your mum everyday but it is a nice excuse to spoil or be spoiled  for the day! For me its always a little bitter sweet as my wonderful mum passed away on Mothers day. It was a long time (25yrs) ago so I can think of her without being sad, but I will always miss her.
For myself as a mum my darling children always treat me special. I have two grown-up kids, Matthew who is 34 and Natalie who is 29. They also have children Nathan who will be 2 in June and Grace who is nearly 14 months. I always wanted to be a mum and when it took 2 yrs to get to that I thought it was never going to happen. Matthew came along and five years later Natalie and my world was complete.
I hope they think I have been a good mum! I have tried my best and I am sure like most of us I have made mistakes , but nothing too bad lol.
I am so proud of the adults they have become and all they have done and are still doing. I am proud of their children and what a joy they are to us.
I hope you other mums had a fab day and for those like me who no longer have her  I hope you can think of her with a smile.
I still think of mine Grace Edith Fitzjohn forever in my heart

My nan and my mum in front and aunties behind

My daughter and myself

My granddaughter and grandson

My grandson Nathan

My granddaughter Grace

My daughter and son

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