Monday, 4 April 2016

My Happy Place

I was busy today working on my daughters wedding cake. I have a few health issues but most stuff I can do sitting so its a really great thing for me. My daughter is going old school with the design and guess who gets to make it !!!! Its going to be big and I am nervous I can tell you. I have no idea how many sugar flowers I will need so I am making loads so I have enough to work with. I always hated cooking , even though I grew up with a mum who was great at it. She could cook anything but her best was bread pudding oooo yummy. We used to fight over who would get the crunchy bit at the side lol.
I can cook but it really doesn't do anything for me , I think it comes from always being worried about my weight, kinda takes the fun out of cooking lol.
Then a few years back hub got me a cupcake course and I went and really had fun. Since then I have been learning myself more about the art of cake decorating. I have been lucky to meet some fantastic teachers like David from David Cakes who is a wonder wth Royal icing, and with his partner in crime Ed have  become  dear friends.
More local to me I have Claire from Clairella Cakes. I found Claire because a teacher had mentioned her and that she was in show. I was amazed by her cake and when she started classes I had to try them out. Like David she is kind and patient and does the best lunch ever lol. Its easy to see why people come from all over the world to have lessons.
I am never going to set the cake world alight but I think I can turn out a fair cake lol. I shall leave you with some pictures and some links if you want to check out David and Claire.

I should add these view are my own and I was not paid at all for them.


  1. Oh it will be the most special wedding cake! Cant wait to see it x

  2. What fun happy cakes! What talent!


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