Sunday, 24 April 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have had my blog for some years now. I have gone from not even knowing what a blog is , to attending a blogging conference last year! Its been a steep learning curve and I think that I have done a fair job. I wish blogging had been around when I was younger as I think I would have loved it. I know my mum would have as she loved to write. I still have a stack of her short stories that I keep saying I will write up one day !
I have learnt so much about social media and other people from all parts of the world. I also have made such nice blogging friends like Jaime from The Olivers Madhouse and Cathy who's antics with her son never fail to make me laugh.
I have had so many chance to try out products and have contact with some lovely brands, even if it is a tiny thing  I am also grateful. I know I will never set the blogging world on fire but I also try to do a good job not matter what  I am writing about.
Recently I have hit a wall. I have nothing to say and often sit at my computer trying t come up with something. I feel guilty as  have not been trying real hard to post on my blog.
I have stopped looking at the rankings as once I started slipping it hurt lol.
So I am doing some thinking on if  I should continue who if Jollyjillys has run its course?
I wonder if this is common? Am I alone on this lack of energy or is it something that hits if you have been blogging for a while.
I have some wonderful happy memories of how exciting I found it all lol so I am really not sure.
Hope someone reads this lol and love to hear your views as well

Drawing by Alan Ford


  1. You are not alone. I have run out of oomph at the moment. Doing what makes you happy is important xx

    1. I know louise its hard ! I seemed to have lost the drive too. Lets hope we both get it back xx


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