Friday, 31 March 2017

Hey I am back !

Well loyal readers I am back. I had a long break from my normal blog post because I simply ran out of things to say. When I started this blogging journey I was in the dark about most things lol. Now I am not saying I am any better informed these days but I am more relaxed about the blog.
I know I still want it to be about my life in general, my family who are the world to me and my crafts.
My grandchildren are growing up so fast ! Every time I see them they seem to have learnt a new skill and both of them are the light of my life. Then in July we are going to get another grandson and we are all so excited about that.

Our grandson Nathan

My daughter Natalie , husband Ian and granddaughter Grace 

I have had some long standing issues with health and trying to find answers to feeling sick all the time. Its not easy when you feel so ill and have chronic pain as people do stop listening. Or rather you stop talking about it as you know people are not listening. Its very hard not to give up on life but I am a positive person and I fight on. I just wish I was carrying less weight so I can run around after the children, but its not so easy when you can't burn it off.

I can still manage to decorate my cakes with some help and that really cheers me up,  I love to see peoples faces when they see them.
I still want to learn more about blogging and I wish I had started when I was younger as I am sure I could have done well. I am proud of keeping the blog going but I would love to take it further.
It shows even someone of nearly 60 can learn new technology lol
My son tells me I need to focus my blog on a subject but I still love the orginal idea of me sharing my life in an online diary. It is something I need to consider really. I do look at endless you tube things about blogging and how to improve your presences but a lot I fail to understand lol.

Hey I am back and I will try to get into the groove again and for now carry on sharing my life until I find a new way .
Hope all my blogging friends are around and I would love to hear from anyone really.
Happy weekend xxxxxxx

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