Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tetley Indulgence Teas Review

Now I love my tea! Not too strong and just the right amount of milk and no sugar. When I heard about the new range of Indulgence Teas by Tetley I was excited for something new. I love Tetley as a brand as I think you get a great tea flavour, so new teas with the Tetley name was something I had to try.
There are four flavours in the range with master blenders working to create a mouth watering range for black teas with indulgent flavour twist inspired by the nations favourite teatime treats.

Chocolate Mint

Black tea with the tempting mint and dark chocolate flavors make for the perfect after dinner blend. I have to be honest I did not think  I would like this as I was not sure the chocolate would work with tea. I must say I was totally wrong! I still tasted like my favourite cuppa but with a delicate hint of mint and chocolate. I loved it !

Cookies and Cream

A black tea with delicious biscuit flavours inspired by tastes and smells of the cookie jar. Yet another winner for me! You could really smell the cookies and my friend said how yummy with a real cookie .Smooth and almost creamy it was really an almost filling drink.

Spiced Apple

Black tea with sweet spiced apple flavours provides a warming kick reminiscent of nights curled up n front of the fire. A really lovely yummy tea with that hint of apple and spice it was so nice to sit in and watch the rain made me feel cosy .


A Black tea with warming Ginger biscuit flavours and spicier notes that create a delicious flavour and extra worthy of an indulgent teatime.  At  first I was not as sure of this but as I drank on the gentle hit of ginger and spices came through and it was very smooth. 

Each Tetley blend is made sing the very best Kenyan black tea  and can be enjoyed with or without milk. Just 2 calories per 225g serving its great any time of day.
The New Tetley indulgence range is available now at Asda RRP £1.99 or 20 bags.

I would say give them a go really! It is rather odd at times drinking a tea made with say gingerbread or cookies but honest it works. They are smooth and tasty and a great drink.
Its worth checking the Tetley web site for news on all their yummy products 

 Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the products

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