Thursday, 6 April 2017

Crochet Love

I am a person who always had multi craft interests. I come from a very clever and creative mother, who like me could turn her hand to most things. My mum worked in what people from London called the  Rag Trade. Basically she helped to make the clothes that people bought from shops. However at times she was much more and used to work for a fashion designer and made stage clothes for a famous singer in the 1960's. So my creative side came from a very talented lady.

While my mum was alive to be honest I did not sew because it was so much easier to get her to make things lol. She was faster and better than me and it was not until she passed away far to young at 64 that I had to sew for myself. Over the years I made the children clothes and then I moved onto patchwork and that became a passion. My mum was also an excellent knitter and while I could knit I found it too slow.

Just recently my daughter started to crochet and found she was a natural. I watched all the things she made but even though I knew the basics that was it. As my mobility is limited these days it was perfect as I did not have to keep moving and it helped to ease the creative side of me.
I looked on you tube for teach yourself type video's and came across a person called "Wooly Wonders Crochet" and i started to follow along to her makes. Soon I was making granny squares and even a jumper. She was nice and slow and I could follow along with ease. She has so many videos i have many projects to work through.

My best thing I loved making was a poncho for my daughter which was a big make for me. I think it turned out well

I don't think I will ever be as good as my daughter but I am dead happy I learnt a new skill in my late 50's. Its never too late to learn.

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