Friday, 7 April 2017

Old Lady Hair... Life and Times of the 50+

You always hear people (mainly men) complain about how long woman take to get ready. Well it is a major operation let me tell you. When you are young its about the make-up, your hair and what great outfit that will make you look hot.
I will always remember my friend Debbie and I trying to get her into her jeans !! We had to hook a coat hanger through the zipper and I had to pull it up lol. She could barely move but boy did she look hot and at the age that was all that counts.

As life moves on you become a mum and style and cool goes out of that door. Just getting out without being covered in baby sick or poop is enough. You don't care if you are running out to by milk in your PJ's long as you get the milk. If you do go out baby free you find you lost you ability to apply make-up and also spend the next 2 hrs worrying about the baby !!!!

Let me tell you it gets no easier as you get older. You spend more time worrying or covering up things that should not be there than you ever did as a teenager.
I have no idea why but at a certain point the body thinks "Hey lets lose hair on the head and  move it to a better place"! The dreaded OLD LADY HAIR appears. You get up one morning and look in the mirror and what do you see ............... A dirty big black hair on your chin !!!! My goodness you panic worried have you been walking around for days with that evil thing!!!!! Rush for the tweezers and bang its gone and you can breath again. Until the next time and oh no there is another.
I swear they talk to each other and plan a map of where they will grow next.
Getting ready is a full on experience far more than when I was young. The battle to get rid of the Old lady hair is one that requires time!! You find the devils and deal with them, is that it ? Oh no! I am also allergic to tweezers so then I have to deal with the red marks left by tweezers. So its cover up time more so than I ever did as a teenager lol.

So if anyone out there has found a really good Old lady hair remover let me know lol. And if you would like to apply for the job of my wing person to spot them if I don't, I pay well in cake !!!

Stay strong in the fight my friends 

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