Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Easy Money Crime

The easy money crime that's my story today! My daughter is not only a wife and a mum to a 2 yr old she is also a very hard working third year student nurse. She is due to finish University soon and start work as a community nurse. She has worked very hard to first lose a lot of weight then to under take her training. While training there is no money and its tough when you have to get to places and buy books and so on.

She totally needs her car which is vital as we live a long way from everything. This morning she got up to come and visit a friend and went to her car, put the baby in and got in herself. It took a few mins to know that something was wrong. In the night some low life had broken into her car and ripped out everything . They took the sound system and all the inside parts including the steering wheel !!!!
She was shocked and upset  and who could blame her. At a rough guess thousands of pounds.

The police came and said another car same as hers had been attacked as well. Its taken all day and cost her money to get it sorted for now .Why do it? Why target people who are hard working and give back to the community in every way just to make easy money. I guess that is it easy money!
I just hope one day they need a good nurse like my daughter and they can't find one. I will leave you with a few pictures of her car after . Need I say more than scum total scum.

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