Saturday, 6 May 2017

As You Get Older

As you get older you do wonder where the time went. One second you are thinking about what you want to be when you grow up, then you are thinking of the idea of marriage and children. Then before you  know it time has slipped past and some of the dreams you had may never happen. I think I can safely say I am not going to be Mrs Donny Osmond or sing country in white fringe in Nashville lol.
Still I have much to be grateful for! I am still married to my only and first boyfriend and have been for 38 years. Love is not so silly and romantic as it was at 20 but we are still happy and together.

  It would be nice to have the time and money to be able to do more but we have a good quality of life.
We have two wonderful children who were are very proud of and blessed to have them everyday.
Our son Matthew is the oldest and I remember when I thought I would not ever have a baby, but two years after getting married along he came. He was such a joy and such a happy contented baby, who grew into a wonderful man.

Our daughter Natalie was the next to arrive and come into the world and never stopped moving lol. Full of energy and love of life . She is just going to qualify as a nurse and we are very proud of that.

Both have wonderful partners in Karen and Ian and its such a joy to see them so happy. Added into the mix is our super grandchildren Grace and Nathan and in July our second grandson will arrive.

So while I may not have done all the things I dreamt about I do feel like I have had a wonderful life so far. Yes these days there are trying times health wise but I have much to be grateful for.


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