Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Summer Baking At Aldi Review

I love to bake when I can its a small pleasure that I found fairly late in my life. I am always looking for new products at good prices, and also fun things to do with my grandchildren.  Aldi have a great range available in store from the 27th August so excite everyone who bakes.
I was lucky to get to try one of the range out and I had a little helper who was very excited as well.

The Aldi Sweet Treat Maker (19.99) helps to take out any stress from making yummy homemade goodies. In the range are a teacake maker, mini pancake or waffle maker. The latter is the one I got to try. I have to say I was impressed by its style mine was in a lovely cream, and its functions. It features temperature control, auto lock and a great cord wrap for upright storage. It seemed to give great value.
We were excited to open it and see what it could do!

 I was impressed as it came with inter changeable plates to make waffles, donuts and mini waffles. Also came with a recipe booklet and full instructions.

It was super easy to use and gave yummy results. Excellent value for the money. Now would also be a great time dare I mention it to add this to Christmas gifts!
There are lots of other great ideas to choose from so get into store after the 27th.

please note I was not paid for this review just receiving a sample of the product 

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