Monday, 7 August 2017

Bullying and its Effects

I had a wonderful childhood. My parents were hardworking Londoners from good sturdy stock. They moved us to Essex when I was four and as my mum worked from home I had her company all the time. She was the best mum a kid could want and as we were together all the time our bond grew and grew. My brother was 10 yrs older so most of the time it was me and mum.
I was tiny when I was a toddler and so much so my mum was very worried. As I grew though I developed a weight issue. Mum would take me to doctors to be told it was an hormone problem , but no one could offer advice. We knew it was not from what I was eating as my mum was an excellent cook, of very healthy food.

All was fine and I started school and was doing so well I went into junior school (age 7-11) when things changed. At that point the bullying started.  I wasn't very big but the bullies would use it to make my life hell. I got through but in my last year I got a teacher who hated fat kids, simple as that. It was so well known other parents would say to my mum ' Hope Jill does not get  Mr X he hates kids with weight issues' ! He would not pick on me as such but he made sure I did not get the same chances as others. He had favourites where sporty and fit and anyone else fell by the wayside.

When I moved to senior school at 11 my parents were confused I was not in a higher class as I was bright. We later found out he had sent my report which was very bad and mostly lies, which meant the new school thought I had educational issues.
Senior school was ok at first but the bullying continued, and as we were older it got nastier . I loved my class and my friends but a year in they moved me up to another class. I hated it!! My old class mates didn't want to know and my new class mates didn't care either. The work was harder and life was bad. I was lonely and sad and the bullies knew it and used it.
I couldn't walk past boys without comments and some of the girls were as bad. I couldn't wait to leave but although I got away from the bullies, the effects on my life stayed.

I am now 59 years old and I think I still suffer the bully effect. It made me into a different person I believe, and I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had been bully free. I still lack confidence even today and still have weight issues even though its more medical today.
I wish anyone who has bullied or put someone down even in fun could know what its like. It can leave someone with long term issues they may never get over.

I am a good person and have a wonderful family which I am very proud of. I try not to think about the past but as bullying is always in the news in different forms, So I thought I would share my experience's with you.
Be kind and think before you speak please .

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