Monday, 24 September 2018

Review of Lapland

Well anyone who knows me also knows I love Christmas. I think since I was a young child it was always a magical time of year for me. My Mum would go out of her way to make it special and would always leave me a letter from Santa. I would contain personal stuff about my family or things I had done and I would get so excited . Hopefully over the years they were small I tried to do that with my own children.

Now life has moved on and I was looking for a way to add to the event this year for my Grandchildren, as I want them to grow up with the magic all over again.
So I came across a great site on the Internet called Lapland mailroom and I was like a little kid again , all excited about a letter from Santa. I have to be honest and say I did at one point consider sending myself one ha ha ha!  It is so simple and easy to do. I just logged onto to the site and was given a choice of a few types of letter. You can see what the wording is in each letter so its super easy to pick your fave.

Then its just a matter of typing in your child name and details. You can even add in pets, friends who ever you wants. Right at the end you can put a message about something special that may have happened during the year, how fab is that.

At the end you get a chance to read your letter and check all the information. Its very easy to edit and you can keep going back and forward until you are happy with the result. When you are all done you get to see your final letter which is really good. Anything you want to change can still be done , but then one you are ready you can pay.
After paying you get a confirmation straight away .

Customer service with this company was great. Any questions I had were answered straight away no waiting at all. Excellent in today's busy world. I think its wonderful to give the little ones in your life that wee bit of magic while they still believe. I know I am going to hang on to doing this every year maybe even when they say 'nan stop we are in our thirties' ha ha! 

please note I was not paid for this review, only receiving a sample of the product 

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