Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas Table Accessories From Aldi

You know I Love Christmas it is my most favourite time of the year and one I look forward too. I think that it comes from my mum who used to make a huge effort to make it special for me every year. Mum also love a nice looking table and I take after her with that idea. Yes you have to have great food but to walk in a room and see a beautiful table is also important.
You also know what a huge fan of Aldi I am so the chance to look at some items that combine my two faves was a real plus.
Aldi has a huge range of Winter products and the table accessories are great, and not just for Christmas. So this is what I got to try!

Crofton Round Divided Serving Dish £6.99

This is a really fab china dish. Very heavy so a quality product ! I was impressed. Two sections which are nice to serve two vegetables or any thing really. Comes in three colours all of which are great. Even the red can be used all year round. Dishwasher safe which is always a plus!

Electric Pepper or salt Mill  £6.99

I always have an issue with salt and pepper ! I either get too much or too little or I drop it in my dinner . So these smart and stylish mills are fab for that as one button press and you are sorted. Smart enough to sit on the table and best part they come with batteries, how great is that.

Table Runner £4.99

I love a bit of sparkle and this lovely table runner has just that. Decent size and looks great on a table as is or on top of a table cloth. Very stylish and the sparkle is delicate so not too much. Also machine washable so when someone pour gravy over it your safe!

Kirby Sparkle Effect Napkins £4.99
4 In set

To go with your lovely runner they also have some fab fabric napkins. Excellent quality and with the same delicate sparkle . You can't buy one without the other because they look so good together.

Hammered and wire Napkin Rings £3.99
4 In set

Crofton Thermal Gravy Boat  £6.99

I know I have one and I bet you have one ........ yes those shallow gravy boats that hold nothing and slop over the table at one pour! So I really clapped my hands at this one. Smart and stylish and would look great on any table. Designed to keep the gravy hotter longer , although in my house it not an issue as its gone so fast!

Reversible Placemat and Coaster Set £4.99
4 In the set

I loved these super practical placemats and coasters. One side is a very pretty sparkly effect which the other a more plain , so giving you table use. I thought the quality was excellent very sturdy and great value.
 So I am all set , well my table will be for the big day. There is still time to run to the shops and get yours so don't waste time go ASAP.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

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