Friday, 16 November 2018

Christmas crafting with Aldi Review

I you know me you will also know I am a keen crafter. In my time I have tried every craft I can. Some successfully and some not but I always give it a go. As you may also know if you visit often, I do love Aldi. So when I get a chance to combine two favourites its a very good day indeed!
The Christmas crafting at Aldi has a huge range of products and I would go so far to say there is something for everyone. A lot of the items would make great gifts or stocking fillers for a keen crafter or someone who is wanting  to try out a new skill.  So I got to try the following

So Crafty -My First Crochet Kit £8.99

I love this little kit so much. Comes in a sturdy old fashioned suitcase style box., which I think is worth the money on its own. It contains everything you need to get you started with crochet. Yarn, felt, hooks, needles, stuffing, tape measure and instructions. Great little projects like a scarf for teddy or a pencil case, and a few other things. For the slightly older child 8+ but I am sure even younger if an adult took care of everything inside the case.  Really sweet and great value.

Crochet your own Christmas decorations £2.99

I can crochet but I struggle with longer projects or complicated patterns. So this handy little kit is perfect for me.You can make three decoration to hang on your tree and the kit comes with yarn, hook, stuffing, needle and instructions. Very easy but great fun and you can use them year after year. Great gift and so good for the price.

So crafty Make your own mini felt decorations £2.99

I love this little kit because an adult would like it or you could make them with an older child. All the pieces for the three decorations come die cut so no cutting out lots of bits, ribbon, stuffing , needle, thread and instructions. Super simple to make and best part you can use them every year

 . Kirstie Allsopp Make our own Pompom Wreath £7.99

I think this one is great. I love wreaths and have lots every year. Why limit yourself to a door I hang them on the walls like pictures . This one is super fun and modern. Like the other kit its comes with everything you need. Rattan Wreath, pompom makers x3, yarn and ribbon . The instructions are all on the box and are simple to follow and understand. Even when you are done you can use the pompom maker to do others for different projects. You can even take the pompoms off next year and do a fresh colour if you wanted.

As a long term crafty I have to say I was impressed buy these kits, not just on price but also on content.  I know how frustrating it is when you want to try a new craft but do not have all the things you need to get on. Great for older kids and adults alike and fab stocking fillers.

Check out the craft items online and in store

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

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