Thursday 4 April 2019

Scentsy Review

I think that there is no one amongst us that does not like their place or things to smell nice. Nothing beats smelling something that brings back memories. Smells can to that good and bad lol. This is where Scentsy comes in and I was introduced to the brand by a lovely Independent consultant. This personal service gives you a chance to really get to know the products and you will end up wanting them all.
There is a huge range include

 Wax warmers


Scentsy wax warmers don't use candles great for safety. The warmers melt the wax using the heat from a low watt light bulb.This means you get scent and also a candle like ambiance with the flames,smoke or soot. They are free standing with a plug and lead. I love these as i really enjoy the candle effect.

Mini Warmers

Smaller versions that plug into a wall socket ideal for smaller spaces

Element Warmers

Sometimes you want to have the fragrance but no glow, because if you are  like me and it was in a bedroom i would never sleep!!

The range of this warmers is huge and you are sure to find one to fit with your rooms no matter the style of your home.  They are safe, are a great price, smell fab and convenience. As my consultant Lindsey told me ' There is no more cat setting his tail alight on open flames'!! Als as the wax burns at a lower temperature  there is less chance of damage to furniture , or children getting burnt by open flames or hot wax. 

The wax comes in a huge 80 different fragrances and April scent of the month is the yummy Lucky Starfruit really attractive yellow packaging with tones of orange, apricot and starfruit

Scentsy kids

Scentsy also has products for the little persons in your life.It has its officially licensed Disney collection which I don't know about you but I love as well.
A firm fave are Scentsy buddies. They are stuffed toys that have a zip pouch that holds your favourite scent pak. A scent pak is a pouch filled with nontoxic fragrance beads. Scent paks can also be used to freshen up drawers ad wardrobes and I was thinking inside a smelly trainer maybe !

For toddlers and babies: Scentsy sidekicks are pre-scented sensory bears that can attach t prams and car seats They include a teething ring and are BPA and phthalate free.
I totally love the Disney Dumbo Buddy so super cute I want one lol.

There is such a huge range its hard to post about them all so po over to the web site and check out the full range online via Independent Scentsy Consultant Lindsey McDonald

please note I was not paid for this review only viewing a sample of the products 

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