Thursday 16 April 2020

ARLU Rum Review

Like most of the the world I am at home is isolation and looking for way to entertain and feed myself. So I had the chance to try an really yummy brand of rum called ARLU. Not a name I knew but excited to try. I love to make cakes and using the rum in those sounded rather nice lol.
I have a bottle of ARLU spiced Rum and decided to bake buns.

Here is the recipe I used .

Hot Cross buns:

1/2 tsp salt
2 heaped tsp mixed spice
50g caster sugar
50g chopped butter
200g mixed dried fruit ( pre soaked in the ARLU spiced rum)
7g sachet of easy blend dried yeast
200ml milk
2 eggs

For the glaze
3 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp ARLU speiced rum
Honey or golden syrup for brushing.


1. tip the flour into a bowl stirring in the salt, mixed sice and sugar.
2. Rub in the butter with your fingers, next stir in the pre soaked dried fruit, spinkle over the yeast and continue mixing.
3. warm  the milk and beat together with the eggs, adding the dried ingredients next.
4. once mixed together to form a moist dough, leave to soak for 5 mns. Then take out of the bowl and cut into 8 equal pieces on a floured surface.
5. shape into buns and place on a baking sheet, cover with cling film and leave in a warm place to double in size ( his will take up to one hr)
6. When the buns are ready, heat oven  to 220c/fan 200/gas 7. Mix flour with 1 tbsp water and 1 tbsp of ARLU rum t make a paste, pour into a plastic food bad and make a nick in  the corner, pipe crosses on the top of each bun.
7. Bake for 12-15 mins until risen and golden, trim the excess mixture from the buns, then brush all over with the honey or golden syrup. Best served with butter toasted.

Hope you give them a go and check out all the other ARLU flavours here


  1. Well these sound delicious! I have never been much of a baker. Crafting and sewing have always been my thing, but once we got stuck inside and had limited ingredients to work with, I started enjoying the kitchen. Now my daughter has joined in and taken up baking. I need to show her this recipe at once! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It was a lovely one to try. Good luck with it

  2. Sounds really nice :) I must try that recipe!
    Love from a rainy Sweden & Titti


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