Thursday 9 April 2020

Rebecca Page Patterns

With the way the world is at the this time and not being able to go out things that allow hobbies to carry on is a must. I use a lot of online companies that us PDF patterns, that you can print at home. At first they drove me mad as there is a lot of sticking that goes on lol. Plus some companies are better at the set up than others. Some are super easy to put together some are a real pain!
On my internet travels I am always looking for cute patterns for my grandkids, but also as a larger lady plus size patterns, that are not just sacks.

So I came across one such site called Rebecca Page and was straight away struck by he style and the range. The kids patterns were bright and fun and the adults range of sizes was fabulous. I bought a couple, they was priced very well and come easy to print with full instructions. I was delighted recently to be asked to be one of their brand ambassadors, and try out patterns before the general release.  That way any issues can be ironed out before everyone gets to buy so you can than enjoying your sewing.
Its super nice to be asked as I would buy the patterns myself anyway as I really do like them.  So if you love sewing and you want some nice patterns why not have a look. These are a few bits I have made recently from the patterns.

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