Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dinner suit for hire!

Over at the wonderful White Lily Green its handmade Thurday. As someone who loves craft its hard to pick one item I have made. My patchwork is a passion but I do love paper craft and scrapbooking, when I have time.
Today I picked a wedding favour box I made to show my daughter who is getting married. It is made in the shape of a mans Tux, and you can open at the top to put in sweets or a gift, it also has a matching  bride box.
She went with another design in the end, but I thought I would share with you as its cute!
Inspire Me Beautiful


  1. Ohh that is stunning. Wow!!

    Thanks for linking up again xx

  2. That is very clever indeed :0)

  3. Thanks I thought they were cute lol glad you enjoyed seeing them

  4. I could have done with those at my wedding last year. Lovely design.

  5. Thanks shame i would have made them for you.I Can take orders if anyone wants them lol


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