Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting to know me

Getting to know me is something you may not to want to do lol. I came across a meme idea posted by a blog called Empty nest,and thought what a good idea so here goes.

1.  Whats you favorite flavour of ice cream?

Well ice cream was never my vice and I could take it or leave it. However, saying that in recent months I have found that I really enjoy a nice ice cream. My fave flavour is chocolate and even more so if it has nuts or chewy bits. I hate frozen yogurt which my husband likes, for me its full fat creamy ice is the way to go.

2. When you travel do you pack too much or not enough?

Well I think I pack the right amount that I need, although I think we always take too much and end up not wearing half of it. My husband on the other hand is a nightmare and would take the whole wardrobe if I let him. So what I do is let him pack then when hes not looking I take half out again lol. He never misses it and as yet has never mentioned he had lost out by it.

3. Whats your favorite cleaning product?

I love bleach spray as it cleans so good. However,I have killed so many of my clothes as the bleach sprays out on them and I end up with white patches. Other than that I don't care what the product is as long as it does the job.

4. What is the longest car journey you have ever taken?

Well I thin that would be a couple of years ago. As a treat for my 30th wedding anniversary my husband took us to Edinburgh . He thought it would be best to drive so we had the car but all I can say is "never again". It took about 10 hrs to drive there and I would not do a long drive like that again in one hit,

5.Tennis, golf , canoeing or bike?

Well golf is not something I have ever tried before. As for canoeing I like to see someone with my size butt getting into a canoe!!! A bike is something I used to like but the roads are so busy these days Im not sure I would risk it.

6. What sound drives you crazy?

Lots really but I hate it when my husband bites his finger nails ahhhhhhhhh

7. Insert your own thoughts

For the last year its been weddings and more weddings, so it has crossed my mind what will I do with all my time. I hope I will get back to my own things like my craft and my patchwork.
So I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little better and if you would like to join in and share you answers I would love to hear them.


  1. Interesting... I am going to 'borrow' this!!! looks like fun!

  2. I love it, it was a very interesting post and getting to know fellow bloggers is important. This way we can share with each other, the good and the bad..

  3. My favorite Ice Cream is chocolate and my longest car ride was to Walt Disney World 20 hours, horrible, too long. I like to walk for fun and exercise. I have never tried golf,canoeing, I play tennis sometimes. I always over-pack and my daughter too, she's worse than I am. I'm always afraid I'm forgetting something. LOL

  4. Good answers diane lol should have said I love tennis watch sadly not play.
    Please do zerique I also found it interesting

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Already following you back!
    Jen @ My Secret Home


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