Sunday, 14 August 2011

Empty nest

Empty nest is a felling that parents all over the world experience. This time of year many are thinking of their child or children going off into the world.
It could be starting school... I so remember my children's first day at school and how cute they looked in their clean fresh uniform. I thought I would love having time to myself, but after a couple of hours I was thinking "What now" and looking at the clock.

When my oldest started school I had just had his sister, so the time went fast as I had a new baby. When she started I was left with an empty house which I did find hard.
As they grew up there was the stress of starting junior school and then onto senior school. All of which had its own worries. Thinking about "will they make friends/get bullied" and a host of other things flash threw your mind.

When my oldest went to university I didn't have to face empty nest as he lived at home. His university was close and it was more cost effective to live at home. When later he got his own home, I did miss him a great deal, and many years later I still do. I often see him and think "gosh I do miss him "
and I am sure that is something many parents feel.

Like many young people these days the cost of housing is high, so many stay at home because they just can't afford to buy or rent. This is the case we our youngest and she is lucky her father is very talented and has made her a place alongside the house. So I as yet have not had empty nest with her!
I do found that if she is away I miss her a lot as I am so used to her being around, and she is company.

So if you are worrying about your own empty nest, we can all take comfort that we are not alone. Its a fact of life and we can get over it. I wish everyone who's baby is starting school or going off to college, a stress free time. I would love to hear all your stories so please share!


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