Tuesday, 16 August 2011

School uniform

School uniform is not something I have to worry about these days, as my children are grown-up.
However, I do remember the stress of getting all the new things, and in my day the cost. Often you had to get the school uniform from the school itself which was expensive.

These days if you do not have to buy direct from the school there are low cost options and from what I see the supermarkets are great. I often see things and think how cheap they are, and wish the had been around when I needed them.
I remember when my son was small and I paid a fortune for a pair of trousers, and by the end of day one he had fell and ripped the knees out !

I would think a good idea (why did I not think of it then) to have a kind of swap shop or jumble even if its just between a group of friends. Kids grow out of things so fast and often they are still in perfect condition. I don't think there is any need for pride because we all find it hard these days to make ends meet. This could be true for the more high price items such as blazer's or coats.
I miss those first days back at school when they look so clean and cute in their new things..........
until they roll in the mud or get gum stuck lol So best of luck with your school uniform.
Happy new term.

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  1. My daughter has never had to wear uniforms, so I can't compare what the cost difference would be. I do know that it was cheaper when she was younger and I could buy all of her clothes at the big department store and pick them out myself!


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