Friday, 19 August 2011

My fifteen seconds of fame

My fifteen seconds of fame came last year. In the UK we have a day time show called "This morning".
I was watching one morning sitting being lazy with my cup of tea, when the call went out for people for a makeover.
I rushed to my computer to send off an e mail to them in hopes I would be lucky.
I thought that would be the end of it and to my shock the next day I got a phone call to say I had been picked.
The show is live and made in a London studio so it was all very exciting.
My daughter was coming with me and it was a very early start, catching the first train into London.
When we left the station we found a very posh limo waiting outside for us, we felt just like stars as he drove us to the studio.
We were taken to the Green room and given tea and cake and made to feel very special.
Then I was taken off to find clothes! They knew I was plus size so I was a little disappointed when they sent a young girl to buy the clothes. She made the classic mistake of buying big shapeless tents. I began to panic as I felt under pressure.
Then they found me a dress that used to be the type the host of the show used to wear. She had been plus size but had lost lots of weight.
Then they decided to give me some control underwear. They must be joking i thought as I opened the box, I am never getting my bottom in those! So after much puffing and pulling I got them on! Just then the wardrobe man came in and said they need pulling up. He proceeded to grab the back and yank them up! I was dying and they only thing that made it ok was that he was gay so it did not seem so bad a man was seeing me in my underpants.
They then gave me a huge pair of high heels and took my glasses away! Then marched me into the studio, I am amazed I made it in and did not end up in the bathroom.

The shows host at that time were Fern Brittan and Philip Scofield. They were very kind and nice and let us take pictures and chat. The rest of the show raced past and because I was not wearing my glasses all in a blur lol

At the end they gave me all the clothes and shoes and flowers and we were taken back to the train station in the same lovely car. As we left the media was outside waiting for stars to leave, and my daughter and I waved to them just for fun!

We got home worn out but had a fun day, my fifteen seconds of fame was over.

Fern and myself 


  1. *giggle* very funny post. I lol every time I think of the wardrobe guy :) and taking away your glasses!! Glad you had a fun day ... *giggle*

  2. ha ha I would have been equally mortified too!!! Thank god he was gay Tee hee hee

  3. Thanks pip i was totally embrassed at the time but thought it funny later
    and yes lyndylou i was mortified but he would never have got that close if he was straight lol

  4. Nothing like 15 minutes of fame. At least you had a fun time 8-)

  5. yes imsovintage its was fun even if i suffered lol

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    It's more fun to be just you, with a smile!

  7. Fifteen minutes isn't bad. You always have the experience and the guy pulling up your underware to talk about, lol. Love the photo.

  8. Congratulations on winning the make over and your 15 minutes of fame. Sounds like you had allot of fun. New friend and follower from the Wild Weekend Hop. Would love it if you could come by and visit and maybe stay awhile.

  9. That doesn't sound fun to me at all and I think I would have refused that control underwear, especially if I couldn't even get it on myself. But then, I'm sure they would not have choosen me anyway! Glad you liked it though!

  10. You are so much braver than I am!! The guy ith the underwear doesn't bother me it's the putting my life into someone else's hands. As much as I am an extrovert that right there is my killer.

    Hope you're having a glorious day

  11. thanks for all the comment it was fun and i have had lots of laughs about it since.


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