Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"She's leaving home" - your life in a trunk

If you had to leave you home in a hurry what would you take? In your panicky scramble to pack, what really matters to you and what would you leave behind!

Well, please God I never have to leave home in a hurry, is the first thing I have to say!!
The thing I could not go without would be my family, if they were safe that would be all that matters.
My husband kevin and my children Mattthew and his wife Karen, and my daughter Natalie and her husband Rob. Long as they were all safe that would be all that mattered.

Included in the "family" would be my beautiful cats, who I love so much. I could never ever leave them behind.

It would be nice to take photographs as I have many of my mothers. I keep saying that I have to get them into albums because when I go who will know who these people are.
It must be terrible to lose everything like those in Turkey this last few days. I can't imagine what they are going through and I really wish them well.

I would leave behind most of the clothes and shoes, and other non important stuff.
It would be hard to leave some things but as I said as long as my little family were safe I would not be worried.
I would love to hear your "Shes leaving home"- your life in a trunk ideas!


  1. I would hope that my family - cat and dog would be able to run out the house and the family and I would take our photos.. everything else can be replaced..
    I'm your newest follower from 'Welcome Wednesday' Would love a hop and comment back!
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  2. I agree Kelly lol guess a lot would depend on how long you had as well
    Nice to meet you

  3. Love the pictures! I am following you back thanks for the follow.


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