Thursday, 3 November 2011

Guess whose coming to dinner ........

Guess whose coming to dinner ... who you invite?  I belong to a women's group and we meet and chat ( hard work for women I know) and have fun.
One subject that came up was a sort of fantasy dinner party and who we would invite. Most came up with famous people and faces from history, which is fun to think of.
For myself it would not be famous it would be my family.
At my age you have to face facts that you have lost people in your life. The older you get its sad but true family and friends pass away.
The first people that would be on my list would be my parents. For my mother was taken away far too young at 63. I adored my mum and she was everything to me, and we were lucky to be close. She had cancer and spent many years fighting but it overcame her and in a flash she was gone.
My dad went on for another seven years but passed away in his early 70's and it was a very sad time to not have either parents.
I would love to chat again with my mum and I would love her to see how great the kids grew up and see them. I want to tell her how good I sew and hope she would be proud of me and my life.
My dad and I didn't have such a close relationship but it would still be fun to chat with him.

Next on my list would be sister in law pat. When she first dated my brother I was about 6 or 7 and I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She was so well dressed and everything matched to me she was all I wanted to be when I grew up. As I got older we had so many adventures and fun, and later we would go off for hours with my oldest nephew and niece . I wish she had not be taken so young in her early 50's of cancer, as she had so much more to give.

My uncle and aunt Mary and Tom would be a great addition as it would be so nice to chat with them and show them my children. My uncle Tom was very funny when I was little and auntie Mary never had a hair out of place.

Last not least would be my mother in law Rose. We didn't always have a good relationship but when she passed away we did and had got comfortable with each other. I so wish they all had been at Matthew's wedding and Natalie's as it would have been so great.
I know I am going to see them all again and that is a great comfort I can tell you.

I would love to hear your Guess who's coming to dinner guest as I think its a fun thing to think of.


  1. We get in those pensive moods about people who have left our life, as we get older. I know I do. I'm sorry your parents had to leave you at still a young age. You would have a loving dinner party.

  2. Like you I would love to have my family! My dad would be top of the list! He passed away in a car crash 4 and half years ago! He loved a good get together and I would love to be telling on my plans for wedding! Second would be uncle Gary who on Saturday will have been gone 4 years since he was killed! Last time I saw him we fell out and I would love to make sure everything was ok! He also liked bait of cake and a good party bag would always as the nieces and nephews to bring him home some! So I would do him I nice bog cake! My others have actually not died they are my American family many of whom I have never met and some I have not seen in ages! There's nothing like a good get together!!!!

  3. If I could have a lost loved one for dinner, it would be my late husband. Nice post.

  4. I agree with comments you never stop missing people we have lost do we

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