Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Social Media ..... Yay

Social Media.....Yay is what I shout. I know that sometimes in this day and age social networking can get bad press. However, for me its been nothing but good most of the time.
As a child I always had penfriends, I couldn't get enough of them the more letters I got the better.
As I got older and the Internet and computers became such a huge part of our lives, those penpals turned into e mail pals.
It was such a joy to make new friends even if they were miles and miles from me. I learnt so much about the different countries and I really feel I made friends for life.
Then came the Facebook revolution and at first I stayed away as I really did not understand it at all. In the end I did get an account and in the main I enjoyed chatting to people on my friends list. It also gave me a chance to chat to people who I had lost touch with,it was so nice.
Then came twitter! At first this was a total mystery to me and even though I had an account I had no idea what to do with it. I thought that maybe I had met my match.

Not wanting to give in I just worked at it until I felt I was getting the hang of it, proving you are never too old to learn anything. For me the joy of twitter is that there is no limit on who you can talk to. Its not just your friends but anyone who you care to tweet. I have had conversations with all types of people and also even famous folk, anyone who is keen enough to reply.

My list of twitter friends is large and would take pages of blog posts to mention. I have had so many wonderful chats with a truly great author Simon @Si_HermitMaster. He writes such beautiful words that totally have touched my heart. Please take time to read his work, you will not be sorry

Or kind people like Sue @sueKelsoRyan who kindly offered to help me find out more about my family tree. How nice is that when a total stranger can be that kind. I am so grateful to her for all her kind work, for me.

This is just two of many that I have great, funny and interesting chats with on a daily basis.
If it were not for the social media network I think my life would not have been so interesting. It can be a great tool if used right, and for the good.

I am in my 50's and I would say to anyone give it a go, its been wonderful new medium for me and opened my eyes to the world.
I thank all my lovely Internet friends for their conversations and support and advice.
Long may it continue! So I say again Social Media ......Yay!


  1. my family is large and spread out all over the U.S. If it werent for social media we wouldnt get to "talk" with each other so much. It helps us touch base every day - and know whats going on with our kids. We - the older people in my family - have taken over from the younger generations and are more savvy than them! :o)

  2. I agree with media has connected people in ways never thought possible. My only problem with it, is time.....if you try to blog, tweet, email, face book, then that will be all you do...the time is incredible. But with balance, it is a blessing!!

  3. Hi jennie and Pam I think it does us good to learn new things. Your right Pam it can take up too much time if you let it lol

  4. What a really good blog and thank you for mentioning me. That means a lot. I do love our chats on twitter. And you are totally correct. I used to be very shy. I wasn't out spoken. I was nervous meeting new people and social media has helped me come out of my shell and meet some of the most wonderful, kindest and honest people that I never would have met. I think it is a big positive and everyone should give it a go.

  5. My pleasure simon you have Been an interesting and fun tweeter. I have enjoyed all your writing and I really feel I made a friend


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