Friday, 16 March 2012

Woman in Black

Woman in Black is the movie I thought I would chat about, this is for my new Friday Film thingy lol
I don't think I see enough movies so I thought this would be a fun thing to do.
So my first one as I said is Woman in Black, which has recently arrived in our towns!

I was aware of the play in London but never got up there to see it. London is a fab place but so busy and I find the pace of life too fast for me.
So when I heard the movie was being made I was so excited, I am a huge fan of ghost stories and I also think that Daniel Radcliffe it great.

I hoped in this movie he could move past the Harry Potter shadow, and I was not disappointed at all.
The movie was beautifully shot in soft tones it was very moody from the start.
Daniel's character is asked as part of his job to settle the affairs of an old lady who had passed away. So leaving behind the sadness of losing his wife, he gets care for his son and sets of.
He finds himself in a very remote village and the welcome is not very good. In fact most do there hard to get him to leave.
He is strong in his need to stay as he knows his job depends of getting things sorted.
He arrives at a very very creepy old house and the story then unfolds. I am not going into detail as I would not want to spoil the plot for you!

I really enjoyed it and for me it was a good old fashioned ghost story which is something I love.
It was not a long movie so no numb bottoms lol. It was beautiful a atmospheric. An excellent cast with a brilliant performances from all,
Daniel Radcliffe was great and not once did I see Harry Potter.
All in all Woman in Black really was a good movie and I would love to know what you thought of it.
Have a great Friday xx

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