Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Craft Market

So those who know me also know I am always sewing something. I learnt to sew from my mum and I hope she would be proud I am keeping up all I got from her.
Friends are always saying I should sell my things but I never really do. Then recently my daughter in law Karen saw an item about a local craft market, and suggested I give it a go.

So I set myself a target of trying to make at least 3 things a day and for 3 months that's what I did.
It was very hard at times and I began to wish I had never got myself involved. Plus I was worried I would look silly and be up against top retailers with smart products and stalls.

So last Saturday the day arrived and I have to say I was rather nervous. I felt better that my husband and my two children and daughter in law were all coming to help me, so I was not alone.
It took ages to set up the stall but by the time we did I felt very proud.

Natalie, Karen and myself
love those Christmas hats

Karen doing a great job on the stall 

It was a long day but people seem to like my things which made me feel good. We had fun and that was even with the cold weather. I have to say a huge thanks to Matthew, Karen, Natalie and Kevin because without their help I could not have done it. I did say never again but maybe ................
I have a web site being built so watch this space and then you can check out my things for yourself.


  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that you're exceedingly crafty, and likely did very well at the craft fair. We are most hard on ourselves. Way to go!

    1. Hi nell lol yes I think you could say I'm crafty it was very hard work but fun


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